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Breast Augmentation Surgery Facts

Over the last two decades, breast augmentation has more than tripled in popularity. Where there were only about 101,000 reported procedures in 1997, there were well over 300,000 breast surgeries performed in 2014 alone. There is no doubt that that number has increased in 2015, mostly owing to the fact that many celebrity and famous personalities are advocating for augmentation surgery.
As things stand, more grown women as well as teenagers are opting for breast augmentation as a way to enhance their looks. There are also many cases of women who go for breast implants, not because of their aesthetic value, but to replace what was once lost (cases such as breast reconstruction in cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy).

Breast Augmentation Surgery

But with the increased popularity of breast implants, there is also a growing concern as to what is factual and what is mythical about this procedure. There is no good reason to get Botched Plastics surgery. Here are some of the most common Breast Augmentation Surgery Facts as opposed to their corresponding myths.

Myth #1: Breast augmentation is a simple surgery that any cheap surgeon can carry out.

Fact: This is a very big problem in the industry today. More and more people want implants on the cheap and thus more and more surgeons are taking advantage of this demand. What you need to know is that implants are very sensitive. If you do not want infections or failed implants, it is best to hire a highly qualified, experienced and meticulous cosmetic surgeon with years of training and practice under their belt to carry out the procedure. It is the best way to get the results you want. You can find cosmetic surgeon or best plastic surgeon in Botched Plastics’ directory.


Myth #2: You can get the exact breasts that your boss’s wife has.

Fact: Whereas you can get the exact same size, you can never look exactly like they do even after surgery. You need to understand that even before the surgery, you looked slightly different. Every single surgery is unique to the recipient. There are very many factors that affect the outcome: your size, your breast tissue, your skin condition, the implant placement and so on. Even though you could go to the same doctor and get the same implants, the results will be unique to you.

Myth #3: You will have perfectly shaped breasts that match 100%

Fact: Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical. Whereas your surgeon is perfectly capable of making your breasts appear perfectly symmetrical, they will never be 100% the same. You are advised to avoid any surgeons who guarantees you 100% perfect symmetry. Although there will be no obvious size and shape difference from a visual perspective, they will never be exactly the same.

The fact of the matter is that every single breast augmentation surgery is different. There are different methods and different approaches to every single case. You need to trust that your chosen, professional cosmetic surgeon, will advise you on the appropriate method and procedure that is perfectly suited to you. This will all be based on their examination of you, their experience as well as your desires. It is an amalgamation of things not a single path to a given result. These are the Breast Augmentation Surgery Facts that cannot be escaped.