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Tummy Tuck Surgery Facts

Abdominoplasty Procedure

Protruding tummies are uncomfortable to many people. Imagine the health and cosmetic concerns which these tummies raise! The Tummy tuck surgical procedure helps in reducing or removing the extent of abdomen protrusion to leave it tighter and flatter. You do want to have one of top tummy tuck surgeons in US.

Tummy Tuck

Excess skin or fat, that are the common cause of the protruded abdomens, are key targets to removal in tummy tuck surgical procedure. Loose muscles of abdomen are also tightened.

Conditions and Target Patients

The procedure is useful for almost all individuals who are in good physical shape but still have excessive fat and skin in their abdomen. Most often, these are individuals who have just completed good weight loss programs or childbearing that involved massive loss or gain of weight. The surgery only corrects the protruded abdomen with losses of only a few pounds of weight through removed fat and skin.

Multiple pregnancies and heavy weight loss programs will usually result in the abdominal protrusion. The abdomen is often so stretched to extents that can never be corrected through exercise and dietary measures. The grotesque appearance can, however, be corrected, tightened and flattened through a tummy tuck surgical procedure. Therefore, tummy tuck remains among the most important operations offered by plastic surgeons to their patients.

Tummy Tuck Options

There are two important tummy tuck options; the traditional procedure and the mini tuck procedure. The tradition alone is a comprehensive procedure that helps in removing the unwanted fat or skin from abdominal region while the mini tummy tuck is specific to the correction of abdominal appearance in the areas below the navel. When the operation only involves the removal of fat, it is called liposuction.

The surgical operation can be carried out by a broad range of OC physicians including cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, general surgeons, and gynecologists. The most appropriate surgeon to select depends on the nature and circumstances of the condition. However, not all physicians can do the best operation and experience in the procedure should be prioritized. Remember that some of the changes that will result after the procedure may never be corrected later on.

Procedure Facts

The cost of the operation varies depending on the surgery center or hospital where it is performed. Tummy tuck is relatively affordable in many countries and is performed by highly experienced physicians. The procedure requires general anesthesia and takes between 2 and 5 hours to complete. The patient will take 2-4 weeks down time, 4-6 weeks recovery time and suffer only moderate to severe pain that can be sufficiently controlled through medication. There should be no fear of post-operative pain now as the patient will not be admitted to a hospital for the narcotics.

After the surgery, the patient will use pump catheters and drains for at least one week to reduce the destructive effects of collections on the otherwise exceptional results. Sometimes a post-operative revision may be necessary but this can be performed in a low-key environment such as a local office.

It is wise to do proper research as you do not want to get Botched Plastic Surgery ! Revision rates vary significantly between surgeons. Smokers are advised to take the procedure if they can honestly state to the surgeon the number of cigarettes they consume daily and if they can stop smoking after the operation. Smoking impairs healing, causes wound necrosis and reduces the chances of success of the operation.